Beecher City Jr/Sr High School
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The purpose of implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports at Beecher City Jr/Sr High School is to:

  • Help all students develop by creating a multi-tiered, blended model of intervention and support
  • Provide supports for academic, social, and emotional learning
  • Work together through a data based problem solving process
  • Collaborate with families and community partners to help us build and create a positive culture for learning


Rewards and Incentives
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Behavioral Expectations

High School PBIS Team

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Ready to Succeed

Mr. Lark- High School Principal
Mrs. Hanfland- JH English Teacher
Mrs. Tirevold- JH/HS Math Teacher
Mrs. Sayers- JH/HS Business Teacher

Early Release from Advisory Rules & Regulations
FAQ's About Early Release

The criteria to be eligible for early release from advisory are as follows:
1. Must apply for the Medal Pride Program
2. Students will be allowed to leave the last day of the week at 2:25
2. All students grades 7-12 are eligible.
3. A student may not have any D’s or F’s or qualify for RTI services.
2. No discipline referrals.
3. Must have this form with a parent signature releasing the school of responsibilities for the
student once he/she leaves school grounds and for allowing your son/daughter to be released.

Implementation will be handled as follows:
1. Eligible students will be notified and given paperwork to complete.
2. Students will be approved for early release when all necessary paperwork is in.
3. Students will sign out with an assigned teacher.
4. A student will not be allowed to call a parent the day of early dismissal to bring papers.
5. If a student becomes ineligible, the privilege will be revoked and mandatory attendance in
Advisory Period will begin.
6. Eligibility is every two weeks for grades and daily for discipline referrals. Exceeding seven days of absence within the same semester revokes early release.
7. Students cannot ride home with anybody except for a brother or sister.
8. If a student has an athletic activity right after school the student must remain in Advisory Period.
9. If a parent wishes to pick up their son or daughter they must sign out student in office.
10. Students on early release must leave school grounds immediately. You may not wander the
halls, parking lot etc. If you decide to stay you must report to your assigned study hall and be on
time. Abuse of any of these rules will result in revocation of this privilege.
11. Students who fail to comply with early release regulations are subject to disciplinary action.
12. The permission slip is only good for a two week period. The process will be repeated.

Q: Can I ride home with my cousin?
A: No, only brother or sister is an approved relative.

Q: Can my parent send a note so I can ride home with someone else?
A: No, notes will not be accepted. You may ride home with a brother or sister OR your parent can come pick you up.

Q: I'm an athlete with practice at 3:00 p.m. can I leave school & then return for practice?
A: No, athletes must remain in advisory period. This is not meant to punish athletes. Use the extra time to get your homework done.

Q: I've exceeded my 7 days for the semester BUT they were all excused- am I eligible for early release?
A: No, you are not eligible for early release. 7 days absent applies to ALL absences (both Excused & Unexcused). Once you have hit your 7 days for the semester you no longer qualify for Early Release.

Q: What is the time frame for discipline referrals?
A: Discipline referrals are determined on a 3 week basis.